2016-03-18 - Season Schedule 15/16 Season

This post is important (and long) so I'd be grateful if everyone could read it but especially Team Captains.

There is no league tomorrow (19th), it is training. This is because one team gave us advance notice that they wouldn't be able to field a team and we were able to move the league to another week.

There was supposed to be league last week but we were forced to postpone it because another team couldn't field more than one player. But this time we weren't given any notice.

We now have very little flexibility to move any more dates around so now we are going to have to take a more formal approach, in line with the league's rules. I've posted the rest of the season's schedule below but first I need to explain to Team Captains their responsibilities and a couple of the rules.

Captains - it is your responsibility to field a team of three players on league dates. You need to be in contact with your team members to know who is and who isn't available and you need to be looking at least two weeks ahead.

If you can't field a team of three, you have two options.

1) You can field a team of less than three and forfeit the games you don't have a bowler for. This includes the option of not fielding a team at all and forfeiting all the games.

2) You can request a 'roll-off'. This means that you arrange with the other team to bowl the league games at another time. This can be any time up to and including the last Saturday of the league but the usual arrangement is to bowl it the following week, even if that means bowling two lots of league games on the same day or bowling league instead of training.

If you want a 'roll-off', you have to notify Stuart, Rosemary or me at least seven (7) days in advance. Any less than this and you revert to Option 1, which is why I said above that it will help you if you plan two weeks in advance. But it does mean you can tell us on a Saturday for the following week.

Once you've notified us of a roll-off it is up to you to negotiate with the other team's Captain when the roll-off will be. Once a date is agreed, you need to notify Stuart, Rosemary or me and we will arrange for someone to be there to supervise (which is why it is easier to do it on a Saturday). If you can't agree a date, let us know and we'll help to sort something out.

So, the revised schedule for the rest of the season is below. I've included information on some other things which might affect availability.

19/3 - training
26/3 - training - Easter weekend & school holidays
2/4 - training - U15 County Competition & school holidays
9/4 - league (round 16) - U25 County Competition, school holidays & JTE Torquay
16/4 - league (round 17) - JTE Torquay
23/4 - league (round 18)
30/4 - league (round 19)
7/5 - league (round 20)
14/5 - league (round 21)
21/5 - league (round 22)
28/5 - pre' Nationals training
4/6 - league (round 23) - JTE Tolworth
11/6 - league (round 24) - JTE Tolworth
18/6 - no bowling - Triple Crown Trials in Norwich
25/6 - league (final round 25)
2/7 - training - U18 County Competition
9/7 - no bowling - JTE Norwich (British Youth Open)
12/7 - no bowling - JTE Norwich (BYO)
23/7 - training - start of school holidays

We know there is one team who might only be able to field two players on 9/4. The options are as I explained above.

We try to avoid league on dates when we know teams might struggle to get three players but because of last week and tomorrow, plus losing 18/6 to the Triple Crown Trials, the weekend with the least impact to teams is 9/4.

I'll go through all this at the club tomorrow and next week to make sure everyone is aware and understands it.


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