2009-12-24 - South of England 2010 Squad

Dear All,

Firstly and most importantly I would like to wish everyone involved with Norwich YBC a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

2009 was/has been a fantastic year for the club with too many success stories for me to even possibly begin to go through here, but needless to say we hope that 2010 will continue on these successes and hopefully the YBC will begin to lay the foundations for even more glory through the ClubMark scheme and other exciting developments that are taking shape in Junior Bowling.

I would like to inform everybody that is registered to participate in the South of England Junior Open at Dunstable that we have our squad confirmed for:

Saturday 23rd January, registration is at 11am so please arrive 15 minutes or so before then. We will start with the team event at 11.30, which is followed by a lane dress and then our Singles and Doubles.

Once again have a very merry Christmas and celebrate Jesus' Birthday well.

Peace&Love, Jimmy B x

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