2011-01-05 - Website Update

Hi Folks,

Just to make you aware that we had a few technicial before Christmas and New Year that meant that the website did not get updated as much as it should. However, that does not mean that we will be neglecting this website - in fact we are hoping to make it even better, even more up to date and even more informative than ever before.

With the help of Stuart Pates and Matt Boyle we will be improving the content of this website and within reason will be able to add what you want.

For instance, I was asked at our last Committee Meeting if I could do a combined calendar for all the Junior, YAC and Adult tournaments in 2011 - that has been done and will be going live this evening.

As well as that a huge update of photographs will also take place this week - so please keep checking back here and if you have any ideas on what we can do to improve this website for you let either myself or Stuart Pates know.

Love to all,

Jimmy B

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